In manufacturing of stainless steel products we mainly use the following types of steel:

AISI304 (content of chrome 18,1%; nickel 8,3%)

Thanks to its good corrosion resistance this type of metal is the most widely used sort of stainless steel. It is perfect for intensive use and for manufacturing products in moist conditions. It is the most widely used metal in big kitchens, food processing and pharmacy industry. Its polished surface guarantees attractive look, hygiene and easy cleaning.

To avoid damages to the surface, the metal is covered with protective film throughout the whole process of manufacturing.

AISI 201 (content of chrome 17%; nickel 4%)

A version of ASIS 304 with less nickel. Because of its good value for money this material is widely used in food processing and transportation industries, also in interior architecture and production of windows.

AISI430 (content of chrome 16,5%; nickel 0%)
This material is widely used in indoor conditions, where the most important things are the cost and corrosion resistance of the material. It is mostly used in production of kitchen furniture, ventilation equipment and interior facades etcetera.

AISI316 (content of chrome 17,2%; nickel 10,2%, molybdenum 2,1%)

This material is used in conditions with high corrosion margin, hence its name “acid resistant steel”.